Protecting the Environment

Unlike any other safe product that fights bacteria; silver is a natural elemental mineral in nature.  Live-Silver (Ionic colloidal silver) is non toxic at any level and actually healthy for all living things.  Ionic colloidal silver is actually good for the environment and replaces this depleted trace mineral lacking in most soils.  Plants and trees sprayed with it are healthier and grow faster.  Crops produce better and remain disease free.  Fish that have colloidal silver recover from deadly diseases and are more active.  Ionic silver added to animal water prevents and treats most diseases and increases growth rate in at least some cases.  Wounds and burns heal much faster with much less pain and greatly reduced infection and scarring.  No toxic level has ever been found.

Antibiotics kill certain bacteria, sometimes a broad spectrum of bacteria and usually some or all of the beneficial bacteria, but have no effect on molds, yeasts or virus.  Silver kills 94% of all disease causing bacteria and molds, yeasts and virus!

Today consumers have thousands of products that are made to kill all types of bacteria, some virus and fungus.  From antibacterial soap to antibiotics, we spend millions of dollars on killing bacteria alone.  This creates yet another problem as bacteria adapt to their environment that man has created and mutate to another form with dire consequences.  A constant battle rages everyday on the medical front spending millions of dollars and a huge number of lives are lost because of these bacterial mutations.  The drug companies have almost given up on producing new antibiotics against these mutations.  Bacteria have never developed a resistance to silver in thousands of years.

Antibacterial soaps and cleaners pose a huge risk to the environment.  According to the Alliance for the Prudent Use of Antibiotics, “Overuse of the antimicrobial triclosan in antibacterial soaps may promote triclosan-resistance.”  These soaps are going down our drains and ending up in our water systems adversely affecting the entire ecosystem of our world and preventing proper sewage treatment.

Antibacterial products are made of potent chemicals that can have dangerous side effects and the bacteria that do survive are often mutations that then replace the original strain and are unaffected by the product.  Even antibiotics given over a short period of time can cause bacteria to become resistant in patients causing further treatment to become less and less effective.

Our bodies are entirely dependant upon “good” bacteria for our life.  Antibiotics often kill all bacteria indiscriminately, causing serious health problems.  These antibiotics are heavily polluting our underground water streams and drinking water.  This kills off life forms essential to our environment.  The causes can be very difficult to trace.

People suddenly and unexpectedly develop severe allergies to antibiotics.  Is it not then dangerous to put antibiotics into products people are using daily without realizing the antibiotic is there, such as in soaps?

Antibiotics in the soil from run off, and contaminated underground water supplies, kill off the beneficial bacteria so necessary to the production of organic foods.

Protect the environment from antibiotics. Use silver!

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