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Almost all of us have a problem with a fungus on our body at some time: nail fungus, athletes foot, foot odor, and it can be more serious. I used to have athletes foot and foot odor that I picked up at a swimming area when I was a boy. It was not too hard to treat with available products but I had to do so continuously, especially in the summer and when wearing tight shoes most of the time. Although I could heal it for short periods of time, it soon broke out again before I realized it. The infection was only dormant.

I also had toenail fungus rather badly on a couple of my toenails. My doctor told me to just peel the nail off when it bothered me and that was what he did! I didn’t like that idea. Once I realized the power of ionic silver, I took a quart of ionic silver and put it in a shallow pan with enough water with it to cover all of my toes and soaked it for about an hour while I watched TV. The fungus under the nails rapidly washed out. I filtered the ionic silver through a coffee filter and saved it. Immediately it all showed real improvement. A week later I did it again with the filtered ionic silver and did this once a week for a month.

Then I took all of my shoes including my dress shoes and poured some of the silver into the toes of the shoes and then poured it back in my container. I then poured the ionic silver into a bowl and soaked ALL of my socks in it, as I know that ordinary washing and drying will not kill the fungus. I took another 16 oz bottle of Live-silver and soaked my toes once a month until the nails had completely grown out. I never had any more problems with any of it. (See dramatic pictures of finger nails and toe nails before and after treatment Click Here).


I suddenly developed a very virulent fungus on one of my fingernails. I had never seen anything like it. The nail split lengthwise in about four places then each strip of nail curled up into a roll leaving the flesh underneath exposed!!! At first I did not know what to do for it. Then I thought of silver and soaked it in ionic silver in a photographic film container while watching television one night. Most of the soreness was gone within two days. The infection seemed to also be gone after that. However, I repeated the soaking several times to be sure. See the picture a week after the first soaking. It had healed considerable by the time the picture was taken.

Now I know several friends who carry a spray bottle when they go to any public place where they will be barefoot, to the gym, swimming parties at friend’s homes, etc. I personally keep a 4 oz sprayer in my cooking area, by my refrigerator, in the bathroom and in my bedroom as well as in my car.
A very common and a very serious problem is fungus within our bodies. It is at the root of most serious sicknesses and eventually results in most conditions often related with old age, including cancer, tuberculoses fatigue rapid aging etc. Where any of these conditions exist, a fungal infection should be suspected. It is even common in children today. See the section on “Candida” Click Here and section on "Cancer" Click Here.

We now market the 4 oz spray bottle of Live-Silver for these uses now and the Candid-X for internal use, although Live-Silver is safe and works fine for both.

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