Candida, The Mother of Most Illnesses. Its Causes, Effects and Treatment

From the Book A Miraculous Health Substance
by Marvin Lee Robey

This book explains candida in detail: its four causes, why it is much more dangerous and common than generally realized and its effective treatment.

The following is a condensation of the main portion on candida from the book. If you think you might have candida you need to read chapters 8 and 9.
Candida is the name of the condition given to a digestive system in which the yeast known as Candida Albacans dominates the digestive system along with as many as 5,000 strains of unfriendly bacteria. In its latter stages it infects the blood. It and the other unfriendly bacteria that go with it live in an acid, oxygen starved environment. The beneficial bacteria live in an oxygenated, alkaline environment.

All acids are composed to a large degree of hydrogen ions, while alkalis are largely composed of oxygen ions. Therefore acids are nearly oxygen free while alkalis are rich in oxygen. Our bodies are meant to be very rich in oxygen throughout. Although the red blood cells carry the oxygen from the lungs, the body also requires the oxygen from alkaline foods. Just as the body cannot absorb the oxygen from the foods into the essential blood, so the body cannot absorb the oxygen from the food into the blood. The oxygen from the lungs is used to produce the energy the body needs, while the oxygen from alkaline foods is used to build healthy tissue.

Therefore our bodies must be alkaline to be healthy. The optimum level is considered to be 7.4 PH. All junk foods, starches, proteins and common sugars produce an acid, low oxygen condition throughout our bodies. Fruits and vegetables, including acid fruits, produce an alkaline condition throughout our bodies. This does not mean we should not have any of the acid foods in our diet, but rather that our diet should have more alkaline foods than acid foods, whereas our common modern diets are very high in acid foods and low in alkaline foods.

There are four general common causes of candida. The first is the common failure to establish the beneficial bacteria at birth which comes from the mother’s colostrum; the mothers first milk. This is one reason statistics show that babies that nurse from their mother the day they are born have 41% less chance of dying in their first few months than the average baby! These bacteria are intended to dominate the babies’ digestive system for life. Most prescription medications and vaccinations attack these beneficial bacteria.
The second cause is sugar and starches, which turn our digestive system acid very quickly. The soft drinks, usually loaded with phosphoric acid and sweets we give our children, are devastating to their health. Many people think the only problem with sweets and starches is that they tend to produce fat and cause tooth decay. Such is a very nearsighted point of view. They turn the whole body acid and thereby disrupt the entire body chemistry. They block the absorption of nutrients to all the cells of the body. They also tend to rob the body of nutrition.
The third cause of candida is the chlorine, florid and other chemicals in our tap water and preservatives, flavoring and other chemicals in our common foods of today. Chlorine is put in the water to kill the bacteria in the water. It kills bacteria indiscriminately. It kills the bacteria in your digestive system just like it does in the water pipes. That means it is killing off the beneficial bacteria as well as the unfriendly bacteria. In general, the friendly bacteria are killed off easier than the unfriendly bacteria.
Fluoride has a similar effect. Florid is a  highly dangerous poison in any quantity. It has now been revealed that the original tests showing that florid prevented tooth decay were intentionally falsified. Extensive military studies of the effects of florid during WWII proved conclusively that natural florid in water attacked the weakest organ of the body. People living in areas of high natural florid levels died considerably earlier than the average people in other areas. Their teeth were softer. The florid by-products of the lead and aluminum industries are worse.

The people were sold on the idea of adding florid to their water and tooth paste because it is the by-product of the aluminum and lead industries and it is so toxic it has been illegal to dispose of it in most ways. Before they sold the people on it, its main market was for rat poison. Its’ second market was to tame wild animals and take the fight out of them. This was because it destroyed the pineal gland in the brain. It was also used in mental institutions for the same purpose and in some prisoner of war camps. It has been outlawed in every country of Europe except the English speaking countries.

The fourth cause of candida and the main cause today in the U.S. is antibiotics (Click Here to read about antibiotics) and to some lesser degree other prescription drugs. Antibiotics kill bacteria. Some only kill certain strains. Many kill all bacteria indiscriminately. All kill more than the ones they are aimed at. That usually means killing some or all of the beneficial bacteria along with the pathogen it is aimed at. However, they do not kill the yeasts and fungus. That leaves the yeasts and fungus to take over in the absence of those that compete with them. These unfriendly anaerobic life forms immediately produce an acid condition in the digestive system conducive to their needs in which beneficial bacteria do very poorly, while the anaerobic unfriendly bacteria flourish. This still more acid condition makes it very difficult to reestablish the friendly bacteria.
Each time we take antibiotics the yeast gets a new big boost and can take over with one series of antibiotics. The effects may not be obvious at first. We are already sick and some change in our digestive system is usually attributed to that. But afterward our health gradually declines as a result. The resulting decline can gradually proceed for many years if nothing is done about it. Taking probiotics (friendly bacteria) helps but usually cannot regain their hold without killing off the yeasts and unfriendly bacteria first.

Eventually the condition often results in food lodging in the folds of the colon and new food pushing past the lodged food, pushing it further back into the folds. This decays in a very dangerous way with a highly acidic condition which eventually eats through small areas of the colon producing the condition known as a perforated colon. This very putrid material in the fold now leaks its infection into the blood.

The condition becomes very serious and eventually results in the destruction of the white blood cells and often the red blood cells, thus the destruction of the immune system. At this point we catch every infection that comes along. This often results in cancer (Click Here to read about Cancer ) and contributes to heart problems and diabetes, as well as other serious health problems.

All of the body odors are greatly increased, because they are caused by the inability of the body to eliminate the toxins properly and the body eliminates them through sweat, breath etc. Anaerobic bacteria and fungus cause very bad body odors.
The accompanying lack of oxygen in the body results in fatigue.

Treating Candida
Candida and the accompanying anaerobic infection which accompanies it is easily treated. The impacted material in the folds of the colon causing the perforated intestine must be removed. This can be done reasonably easily by one of the oxygen based cleansers. Shop the web for a good one. Then follow the directions.

There is only one known treatment that will safely and effectively treat the remaining infection once it has entered the blood. This is also the easiest, quickest and safest way of treating the infection in the digestive system. The usually prescribed treatment of a very strict diet will not get rid of the infection. At best it will only keep the infection from getting worse by starving the yeast and other bacteria while starving you along with them. If antibiotics are taken while on this diet (or any other time) the condition will very likely get worse.

Users consistently report that silver rapidly treats this condition, both in the digestive system and in the blood. Dark field microscopic examination of the blood before and after treatment substantiates these claims.

When too much silver is taken the first day, it sometimes kills the candida so fast that the body cannot dispose of the toxins released fast enough and the excess toxins may break out on the skin and cause body odors. This usually clears up by the end of the second day.  In order to prevent this, one  tablespoon of ionic silver at 20 PPM twice a day is recommended the first two days and one ounce twice a day thereafter until the condition is fully healed.

There are no records of ionic silver producing any detrimental effects. Anything containing a silver salt is not entirely safe and some are quite dangerous. Some users of ionic colloidal silver report taking huge and unnecessarily high dosages for extended periods of time. Not one has reported any undesirable effects! See the FDA report. (Click Here to see FDA letter).

Silver has an amazing way of killing the unfriendly bacteria and fungus without harming the friendly bacteria. It is recommended that a microscopic blood test be made by a specialist in dark field microscopy. It will tell you if the condition is in your blood or not. There are a few MDs that specialize in this. If it is in your blood this will tell you the extent of the infection and with periodic tests it will tell you the progress you are making. However, if these tests are not available or if you feel they are too expensive, they are not essential. They only substantiate your problem and progress.

If the infection is only in the digestive system and there are no impactions in the colon, the whole process may only take a few days. However, once it has invaded the blood it often takes longer and some infection will last until the compaction has been cleared out and the perforated intestine healed. 

Anything that raises the PH will be helpful. Reducing proteins to that which is needed and increasing fruit and vegetables and juices helps considerably. Figs are very alkaline. Peppers are very alkaline.

Once the infection has been treated, it is necessary to replace the unfriendly yeast fungus and bacteria with friendly bacteria and the condition is not healed until this is done. A healthy digestive system is alkaline, and contains about 500 strains of aerobic bacteria. The unhealthy digestive system often contains as many as 5,000 strains of mostly unfriendly bacteria.  There are many cultures of friendly bacteria available to rebuild a healthy digestive system. However, although most of these are guaranteed to contain a huge number of bacteria, they die off very fast under most conditions and so are usually mostly dead by the time the patient receives them, even though they just bought them. They should always be kept refrigerated.  Also, they usually only contain from two to twelve strains of bacteria. What about the other 500 or so needed bacteria?

The best solution is often live culture yogurt or kefir. Pasteurized will not help. Add to this live culture apple cider vinegar and live culture sour kraut, and you have a very good start. Some cheeses help. Still more are needed and difficult to get. Some fruits and vegetables carry desirable bacteria. Unfriendly bacteria cannot withstand fresh air and so fruit and vegetables which are exposed to the air are often carriers of the beneficial bacteria but seldom of dangerous bacteria.

Once the infection has been cleared from the blood and the digestive system, the perforated intestine must be healed. The silver greatly aids in this healing [link to healing qualities of silver] and also keeps the infection out of the blood and digestive system while it is healing.

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