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Swine flu, Bird Flu and Common Flu
where antibiotics will not go

Live-Silver  Compared to Antibiotics

Live-Silver Improves Healing of Wounds and Burns

Why Particle Size Is So Important in Colloidal Silver

What the Medical Establishment Will Never Tell You About Cancer
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Throughout history silver was known to prevent the spread of disease

  • The wealthy were said to be born with a silver spoon in their mouth and babies sucked on silver spoons. The wealthy used so many silver products it was infused into their blood stream causing their skin to turn "blue" and the hence the term blue bloods, but they had few diseases.
  • People used silver thread to suture wounds to prevent infection and silver was used to treat broken bones.
  • The wealthy used silver plates to eat off of and silver cups to drink out of even when they could afford gold as silver was well known to prevent the spread of disease. Remember the "silver chalice"?

Silver in Hospitals Today

  • Hospitals use silver in newborns eyes to safely kill a broad spectrum of diseases.
  • Silver ointments and dressings are used to treat burns especially in severely burned patients promoting healing and reducing the healing time, death rate, infection and scaring.
  • Silver bandages are used for all types of wounds to increase healing time and reduce infection.

Colds, flu and viral Infections

Medical studies show Live-Silver is extremely preventive of all kinds of virus including the flu virus.

Ionic colloidal silver is the most effective treatment for all kinds of virus. From common colds and flu, to the more serious conditions such as bird flu, swine flue and many viral childhood infections & diseases which the medical profession has few remedies.





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has the shortest kill time and no toxicity.
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