Why we feel Live-Silver is the best colloidal silver on the market.
Particle Size is important.

Live-Silver Certified Test Results for Particle Size show that our product is 1,000 times small than other products on the market.

Live-Silver Particle Size

Certified graph of particle size for standard ionic colloidal silver produced electrolytically by other manufactures.
Particle Size Chart

It is important to understand the difference between parts per million and parts per cubic centimeter. Parts per million (PPM) means how much silver is in one litter of pure water in milligrams. One block of silver weighing 20 milligrams dropped in one litter of water will be 20 PPM but will not be of any use as a heath benefit. Although it will be 20 PPM, it will only be I part per litter, being only one part. However, if we break that one 20 milligram part down into 100 million parts, it becomes very useful for health purposes. That is why parts per cubic centimeter is much more important than PPM.

Our products are all 97% ionic and so pure they are as clear as water and have almost no taste.

We produce our silver by passing a direct electrical current between positive and negative silver electrodes of 99.9 percent pure silver through distilled water. Competitors say this will not work because distilled water transmits almost no electricity. While they claim their products are ONLY pure silver and pure water in a colloid, a simple test for dissolved solids with a common Hanna meter for dissolved solids shows definite dissolved solids in many of their products. A Hanna meter will read some colloids up to about 9 PPM, but most of these competitive products show more than the silver. There is some chemical added for conductivity, even though they deny it. We have developed patented equipment which produces a truly pure colloidal silver without ANY additives. We add no chemicals, only health giving frequencies (four). Water has an amazing way of holding frequencies and transmitting them for healthful purposes. We then break each of the particles thus produced down into particles of one tenth the original diameter, producing 1,000 particles out of each one! (10X10X10). The original particle had a charge of +1. This leaves 999 particles with no charge. This is not ionic. Therefore we run these particles through another process to charge them. This produces a product having 1,000 times the normal charge and each particle has an effect similar to each original particle, considerably increasing the effectiveness.

We add health giving frequency to our Colloidal Silver. Yet another reason that our Colloidal Silver tests superb by Doctors and Practioners on real patients. Read More >>

Do not believe the claims and pictures of multi million dollar test equipment by colloidal silver producers. Before you believe their claims of university testing, look closely at their documents. You will find the information above the certification signature has been removed and replaced with language no scientist, professor or lab technician would use. Try calling or writing the university and the specific professor whose signature appears on the document for verification.

When you buy Live-Silver you are sure of a product in which neither time nor money have been spared to give you the finest possible product, as verified by the “Kill Time Chart” showing the kill time of Live-Silver compared to five other leading silver products. Check the entire article on Kill Time and Toxicity.
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The Laser Beam clearly shows that Live-Silver is far superior. The higher and brighter the beam the higher the PPM and quality.

Dr. Lawrence Wilson, MD
Dr. Lawrence Wilson, MD

Dr. Lawrence Wilson is an American medical practitioner who adapts and espouses alternative medicine and heals patients worldwide.

Dear Mr. Robey,

"We test various brands and yours is superb. ..I would like to purchase it wholesale."

Dr. Lawrence Wilson, MD ______________________

Jane Winiecki
Jane Winiecki - Director of Life Vessel Corp.

Hello Mr. Robey,

"We do not advertise that we use silver intravenously, but it is not secret...we have found that Live-Silver seems to be more powerful than MSP. We use lower doses than we did with the other silver with better results. It is very powerful and beneficial...Again, it only takes a small dosage to get the required results. They feel better immediately."

Jane Winiecki

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